Its through!

By Peter Lundgren, The Farmer

The wheat is through and looking good in the low sun. Not sure what the fungi are doing in the field though!

Please feel free to read through questions and responses from the Field of Wheat collective members and the Farmer.

Peter Allen-Williams

Hi Peter,

Down at the pub the other night, I was told by a couple of local farmers that at least 80% of the wheat crop grown around Lincoln, although grown and dried to a full specification for human consumption, goes to a local enterprise “Humbergold” for burning as fuel for power generation.
Do you think that will be the fate of this crop?

2015-11-25 13:47:21

Peter Lundgren, The Farmer

Hi Peter
Humbergold is group of farmers working with Frontier Agriculture to supply a bioethanol plant using wheat to produce bioethanol for inclusion in vehicle fuel – and the waste is used for animal feed. I’m not too sure of the current status of the bioethanol plant because the whole biofuel sector seems to have a turbulent time with plants closing and opening as the financial rewards from producing biofuel wax and wane with changes in the world oil price and the world wheat price.
There was a plan to burn wheat for energy production but I don’t know if the plan ever came into existence. I think the hike in wheat price a 3 or 4 years ago did for that plan but at todays prices it might be viable again if energy prices climb.
And then there the moral question about whether food should be used for fuel ……

2015-11-27 12:53:55